User engagement and stickiness program on the E-commercial platform Tmall, formerly Taobao Mall, is a Chinese-language website for B2C online retail, spun off from Taobao, operated in China by Alibaba Group. It is a platform for local Chinese and international businesses to sell brand name goods to consumers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Being the world's second biggest e-commerce website after Taobao, it has over 500 million monthly active users, as of February 2018. This project is for building the relationship between users and brands by making use of interactive activities on Tmall APP.


UX design, UI design


Brainstorm, Wireframe, Analysis for competitive products



For now, we have 12 different interaction components for the brands to customize their marketing activities in order to increase the favorability on the consumer side about different brands in Tmall, such as Q&A game, free trial, lucky draw, etc. However, these online marketing activities don't have a centralized page for the users to get access to.

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data analysis

For now, only during large-scale activities, these marketing activities have the chance to be exposed.

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Design process

Organize all the interaction components we have for the marketing activities and select the effective one.

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my Design

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