Week 9 Tuesday, 10/23

Based on the feedback I got from the last playtest, people focus more on the knitting process instead of what they are going to make. But for people who don't have experience in knitting, even a small knitting loom could be difficult for them to use. So for this week, I am thinking about how to simplify the existing tools. Take the knitting loom as an example, many people don't know what is the right way to wind the yarn on the tool. There are no clues about the direction and how many loops need to be made in the existing tool. So I decided to break down the steps. 

As for the meditation part, I found there is an exercise called walking meditation which is the subdomain of mindfulness meditation. When people focus on their every step and walk slowly, the repetitive action also helps them to clear their mind. So this prototype is for testing if the combination makes sense to explain the idea about knitting and meditation. Besides, I want to know if my design actually makes knitting easier. 

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