Week 8 Tuesday, 10/16

Feedback: In my playtest, I taught testers about how to use the knitting loom and let them knit by themselves. Observing is an important part of my playtest. I found that people actually enjoy the knitting process instead of the outcome. However, even though knitting loom is much easier than needle knitting, it is still difficult for people who don't know how to knit to do that with my instructions.

Plan:  I think my playtest is successful because it helps me to identify what I am going to do for the next step. I should invent a new way to knit so that the knitting process can be relaxing but not that difficult for beginners.

Decisions:  In my previous, I thought about making use of a simple action to trigger the knitting process. But now I found the audiences might like the knitting process with different procedures. So one of the possible direction is disassembling the existing knitting techniques, another one is designing a new method or tool to knit.

Next Steps: I am going to make a technical prototype.

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