Week 8 Tuesday, 10/16

Goal: What do I want to learn from this playtest? What questions do I have that I want to answer? I want to know how the audiences feel after the interaction with my prototype, especially people who are not familiar with knitting. Can they feel the same way I feel? Or will they bring me a new perspective? 

Assumptions: What assumptions do I have about my project? Knowing that my audience is all DT, what biases do I need to be aware of?  I think for people who don't have experience in knitting, they might have fun during the process of interaction, but the key point is not knitting but what kind of response they can get (sound? visual elements?) It is easy to explain to DTers about how I convey my idea through the project, however, it might be difficult for other audiences to make connections between the format and my idea.

Survey: Prepare a survey for your playtesters to fill out. Create 3 questions you want your playtesters to answer.

1. Do you know how to knit? If yes, do you take knitting as a way to relax? If not, what is your first impression of knitting?

2. Please use 3 adjectives to describe your experience during the playtest.

3. Which part of the experience attracts you most? The process? The outcome?

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