Week 7 Tuesday, 10/9


In the playtest, I show the pictures of the second prototype and explain my ideas to my fellows. Since it is just a paper prototype, they gave me some useful suggestions about the final format. For example, if it is necessary to show the mechanical device to the audience so that they can see how it works, which depends on what kind of experience I want my audiences to feel. Besides, it will be interesting to record the different sounds, such as the sound of knitting or Tibetan singing bowl, and test if the audiences feel the connection between my project and meditation. I will try to make a different type of prototype in the next stage to test the variables that my fellows mentioned during our playtest.

Next prototype:

I am thinking about make an aesthetic prototype or a technical prototype next week to test different variables. An aesthetic prototype will help me to figure how does the project look like. And a technical prototype is related to the solution of solving the technical problem. It is good to start thinking about the technical aspect and testing different possibilities.

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