Week 6 Tuesday, 10/2

Why did you choose to make this prototypes?  I tried to come up with an idea to combine knitting and pressure release. And because the interaction is all about input and output, so I thought about the action of my audiences first. What kind of action will the audiences do play? Push? Pull? Rotate? And which one is related to meditation activities? Then I realized the Tibetan singing bowl is a good start because it is a tool(or music instrument) people use during their meditation or therapy. And rotate is the only thing people need to do. So I am thinking about can I combine knitting loom and the Tibetan singing bowl, so that people can not only see the outcome but also listen to the sound of their action.

What variable were you testing for? I am testing it is better to let the audiences to use the needle to knit something or make use of a simple repetitive action to knit. 

What information did it give you about your project? 

I tried to use the knitting needles to make a prototype, but the needles are too small to put any sensor on it. And then I thought

about collecting data from the user. But the answer is not very surprising, breathing or heartbeat will lead to data visualization in the end. There is no strong connection between knitting and this kind of data visualization work. So I think making a simple version of knitting is a better way for the prototype.

Did anything about the process surprise you? I found it is hard for the users to see the knitting outcome from the prototype I made which should be improved in the next stage.

Write out an initial set of design values for your project: I want my audiences to feel peaceful and delight during the process of interaction. Through their repetitive simple action, there will be a visible outcome to bring them a sense of satisfaction. In the meantime, the audiences would find it is not difficult to interact with my project. For both knitting amateurs and people who feel stress towards daily life will get benefits from the processing of interaction.

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