Week 6 Thursday, 10/4

In my first prototype, I want to test it is better to let the audiences enjoy the process of needle knitting by themselves or make use of a simple action(such as rotation, press, and push) to create a knitting piece so that people who don't know about knitting can interact with it as well.

I express my idea about combine Tibetan singing bowl and knitting installation to the audiences. However, most of the people don't really know what is a Tibetan singing bowl and the function of this tool. There is a  confusion about the Tibetan singing bowl and the mortar. So I am thinking about maybe meditation and its tools are not quite familiar to the audiences so people can't get the idea of relaxing directly.

New questions: 1. What is the direct way to express the idea of relaxing and pressure release? 2. It is better for the audiences to knit a piece by themselves? 3. What are the input and the output in this project?

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