Week 4 Tuesday, 9/18

Interview documentation

Audrey Fox Audrey made the project Nettle which is a tea set for the elderly as a communication tool. I asked Audrey about the processing of narrowing down the domains and how to make a prototype. In the research stage, she chose the craft, interface, and data as her domains. Since the target audience is the elderly. Audrey thought it is better to have a tangible object as the interface instead of the digital interface of a cell phone. This is how she combined those domain words. She said she made a series of low fidelity prototypes during her first semester of the thesis studio. And she found that the best way to explore physical systems is simply to make something quickly and then test out the interaction. And she offered me some reference about how to use the ugly prototype to get feedback and improve design projects.

Yuli Cai Yuli is a resident researcher in NYU ITP. Her work focuses on merging different emotional states and cultural contexts into natural forms of expression. Because   I think culture and tradition is a part of my thesis project as well, and it is not easy to find the intersection of cultural contexts and technology, so it will be great if I can get advice from her. She mentioned the process of deconstruction. When you try to integrate two different domains, it is good to see the similar part through the basic elements. Take one of her projects as an example, she made a ballon show to the experience with an ancient Chinese poem. In the project, she analyzed every word in the poem. These emotions are being translated into the programming language for the machines. The mechanism system of the machine transforms it into balloon language in the end.

Jingwen Zhao Jingwen has founded one of the biggest online communication platforms for handicraft amateurs in China. And he also provides people with online classes about how to start their own online business. He said that making handicrafts is a social activity, so the communication skills are more important than the making skills. And it is why on his platform, people can get access to both the online tutorial videos and offline workshops. Jingwen is trying to transform his business from a communication platform into an online shopping platform because there is a demand for purchasing craft supplies so that the users are able to buy materials and watch tutorial videos from the same app. 

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