Week 2 Tuesday, 9/04

Expert interviews:

1. Teresa Lamb

​She made a project called Cyberkinetics which is a garment that translates the natural rhythm of knitting into sound in order to connect the wearer more deeply to their process. She explains her thought about the similarity between coding and knitting which is a part of my domain map.


1. Why did you take sound as the translation of knitting instead of other formats?

2. Can I say that one of the purposes of the project is to eliminate the stereotype images of handicraft and technical works?

3. Do you think that Cyberkinetics is an art installation or a practical tool?

2. Michael Candy

He is creative designer who made a lots of amazing physical projects. There are two reasons I want to interview him. The first one is one of his projects Synthetic Pollenizer is about species extinction which is similar to my idea about lost traditions. Besides, he has good skills about how to polish a design project.


1. At the beginning of your process, how do you narrow down your big map into a specific design proposal?

2. Do you make low fidelity prototype before you create your final project?

3. Do you think Synthetic Pollenizer is a speculative design project?

3. Maryanne Moodie

She is a fibre obsessed maker working between Melbourne and Brooklyn.  She teach students to inspire established weavers and provide skills for weavers to draw from their own experiences to create new and unique pieces. Maybe I can get some advice about weaving and loom from her.


1. As technology developed, machines are able to make delicate products, why do you think some people are still obsessed with handicraft?

2. What do your students want to learn from your class, the weaving skills or the way to relax?

3. What do you think is the most interesting part in the process of making a handicraft?

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