Week 2 Thursday, 9/06

Creative research method: Visual Annotation

What is visual annotation?

​Develop a series of visuals (photos, diagrams, storyboards, collage, etc), then ask people to write a short sentence about what they see or feel about each one.

The process of creative research:

I searched and collected a lot of images related to how I feel about the thesis project. Picture one is the mood board which contains all the images I gathered. And in picture two, I created a story about how an unhappy factory worker changes the structure of the machine in the factory and makes him happy again. So I showed this two images to different people in order to get feedback.

The feedback I got:

"The first one makes me think about the relationship between traditional handicraft and modern technology. The second one seems like people are able to generate art during the boring repetitive work."

"I saw the process of human development in the first picture. Human beings spent millions of years to explore the world, the learning process is kind of slow, so knowledge input is more than the output. However, people can satisfy their own needs by making use of the experience and technology. Take picture two as an example, the knowledge output is almost the same as the input."

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