Week 13 Tuesday, 11/21

Last Tuesday, I had a playtest about the technical prototype. It is a simple prototype made of cardboard and Arduino. The sound part does not work very well because of the limitation of the speaker. During the process of playtesting, I realized that the audiences were more willing to use their hands to play instead of using the knitting hook. One possible reason is that the knitting hook is not easy to use, another reason is that the object is something between a knitting tool and a musical instrument. Because most of the musical instruments are played by people's bare hands, so it makes sense to interact with it directly. Another feedback is that it might be reasonable that making use of the interaction action of playing Kalimba to trigger the knitting loom which makes connections between knitting and Kalimba sound.

So the next step is making another refined prototype and doing playtest with people who are not in DT.

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