Week 11 Tuesday, 11/06


Potential users in my user base:

1. a knitting amateur, around 18-25 years old, willing to try some new knitting tools to have fun, followed many knitting experts on Instagram to learn new skills, relax herself during the process of knitting

2. a user who has the habit of meditation, around 35-45 years old, do meditation exercises every morning, meditation music lover

People outside my user base:

1. a teenager around 15-20 years old, play basketball with friends to release the pressure, no experience in knitting, Hip-hop music lover, willing to try something new

2. retired man, 65-70 years old, read newspapers every day especially the health section, visit museums and galleries occasionally, nostalgic person


For the first character, he might find the performance on the street. The unique appearance of the tool attracts him to stop and watch. And then he may spend some time observing how the performer interacts with her tool. During the process of watching, he finds himself actually enjoy it. After the performance, he gained the sense of relaxing.

For the second character, he could be attracted by an ad of an exhibition. So he decides to visit it. And then he found an interesting project which reminds him of the vintage sewing machine in his apartment. He walks up and interacts with the object by following the instruction. Although he is not really good at handicraft, he is interested in the sounds that produced by his actions.


NIME 2019 (The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression);

Lion Brand Yarn Studio;

Vogue knitting live;

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