Week 1 Tuesday, 8/28

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

About my interests and domains: I started to make handicrafts many years ago, including embroidery, origami, etc. At first, I took it as a way to relax and kill time. Then an idea came to me, what makes handiwork valuable and expensive, although machines are able make a exquisite products in a short time, some people still admire the excellent skills and ingenuity from handicraftsmen. And everyone could be a handicraftsman with ingenuity, my mom made a lot of sweaters for me and my dad. I keep all of them, even though now they are too small for me. I think emotion makes machine and people different. And a piece of handicraft or the process of making could be an interactive object when people inject their emotion into it. Besides, I am also thinking about how to let machine to do the repetitive jobs so that people can spend their time in creative work.

About thesis: I was in David Carroll's session last semester. And he said he make a art installation for his thesis project because he wanted to make something that he would never make it again in the future. What he said inspires me to do my thesis project. There is no barrier for us to do something we like, so I hope it could be a unique interest-driven project. But my only concern is that it always start with a brilliant idea and ends up with a shitty prototype based on my own experience.

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