Week 1 Thursday, 8/30

About my domains: artificial intelligence, handicraft, emotional design, science fiction,


All the words I wrote down are divided into three groups: positive, tools, negative.

Positive: relax, creativity, habits, traditional, sweater from mom, feeling, emotion, perfect, culture, efficiency;

Tools: interface, handmade, patterns, artificial intelligence, manufacture, interface, machine, interaction, factory, picture recognition;

Negative: time consuming, process, mistakes, human resources;

10 research questions:

1. How do handicraftsmen convey their emotion and idea through the process of making?

2. How audiences feel the emotion from a handicraft?

3. Does machine put emotion into the process of manufacture? 

4. Can machine make a emotional design project?

5. What kind of role does handicraft play in the history of human evolution?

6. Can we visualize the emotional expression during the making process?

7. What kind of making process are able to arise people's emotion?

8. Can human beings and machines collaborate to make a handicraft?

9. Can AI help human beings to inherit traditional cultures or replace them?

10. Can people tell the difference between handmade crafts and machine-made products?

3 refined research questions:

1. Instead of putting machines and AI in the opposite of traditional culture and human beings, can we make use of technology as a tool to advocate traditional culture and techniques?

2. Is it possible to create a cyborg tool for people to reduce the degree of difficulty and add fun during the process of making a handicraft?

3. How can we change the way of handicraft display (still and quiet) by making a handicraft express for itself (interactive and emotional)?

25 people whom I’d like to interview:

Yuval Noah Harari

Teresa Lamb

Donald Arthur Norman

Sophie Kleber

Adam Horowitz

Amanda McCavour

Gabriel Dawe

Lindiwe Matlali

Jasjeet Singh Seehra

Ansh Verma

Corina Sas

Witaya Junma

Michael Candy

Hélène Portier

Pedro Lopes

Jie Qi

Ani Liu

Peter Norvig

Stuart Russell

Irmandy Wicaksono

Sudarsan Rachuri

Jim Davis

Mafe Izaguirre

Maggie Oman Shannon

Maryanne Moodie

Cayce Zavaglia

List of sources in my domain:

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

The Emotion Machine

The emotion machine (invited speech): from pain to suffering

Emotional Design

How Knitting is Like Coding​

Knitting Is Coding | Lindiwe Matlali | TEDxBeaconStreet Investigating emotions in creative design

Design for Songket Weaving in Malay Cottage Industry

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?



(to be continued)

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