narrative and dynamic, Mar.5

The scope of big data is beyond our imagination; every click, every scroll creates a small part of what we called big data. However, not every byte is useful on this big map. How to analyze and how to make use of it becomes a challenging problem. Using the data created by the users to bring benefits back to them sounds like a good idea. Take the Google search engine as an example; people can find the content they want based on the keywords they typed because of the algorithm. There might be thousands of results that contain the same keyword, but in fact, only a small amount of them are relevant. Based on the users' interaction, results that get more clicks will be selected and showed on the top of the results page. In this way, more accurate contents will be displayed. The inspiration of that for the topic of the narrative is that there might be a way to extract information from the audience, interpret it and send back to the audiences.

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