Narrative and Dynamic Jan. 22

Updated: Jan 29, 2019


The story happens in 3019, which is 1000 years from now. After the human extinction, there’s only plants and robots on the earth. A flower called Lily, and a robot whose name is Allen are friends. They live in an old garage which belongs to Allen's owner William for a long time. As time goes by, the environment is getting worse and worse. Lily can't find any clear water to keep her alive. One day, Allen finds a map in a drawer. To save his best friend, Allen decides to begin their adventure of finding the beautiful homeland on the earth.



Big Hero 6;

Mood Board:

Visual Reference:


I had a good experience in using an intelligent speaker. It is a speaker with audio system and interfaces so that the users can interact with the speaker by their voice, for example, play a song, stop playing, etc. And the best part about the product is that the interface and the audio system collaborate very well. In this case, not all the information need to be conveyed by the chatbot. The interface displays long information such as playlist and other kinds of information, which makes the chatbot simple and elegant.

I don't know if chatbots have their own memory. Sometimes, I feel like the conversation only sustains for 2-3 sentences and then the chatbot just forget what we talked before which makes me feel it is impersonal. So if a chatbot can have long-term memory, it will be much convenient for the users.

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