Narrative and dynamic, Apr. 9

Theme: Classroom&Examnation;

Scene Type: Adventure Game;

Audience Dynamics: Communal;

Relationship of the system to the audience: Games;

Outcome: Instructive;


Two students are going to take an exam; they will need some help from the audiences; the audience will be separated into two teams to help a different student; the students will pass notes to the audiences to ask for the answer.


The teacher will walk around to make sure that nobody cheats during the exam. So the audiences should find a good timing to pass the note.


The other team may throw notes to make it looks like that the other student is cheating during the exam. If one student got caught, the other team would win.

Discovery and Change:

During the process, the teacher needs to pick up a phone call so that she will leave the classroom for a while, which provides the opportunities for the audiences and the students to finish their exam paper.

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