Narrative and dynamic, apr. 23

It is interesting to think about the relationship between myth and theater. I believe that performance originates from the ancient religion. Most of the contents of performance in old time are fairy tales. And people want to show the story expressively, so they create the format of theater. The stage set looks similar to the sacrificial altar in a way; for example, the distance between audiences and actors create a sense of awe, just like the distance between god and human being. The viewers put themselves in

a particular scene through a sense of immersion to re-experience.

And most of the rituals are related to our culture, but some of them are common, for example, in a funeral or a day of mourning, people intend to lower their head avoiding eye contact. In China, families sit around a round table for their reunion dinner so that they can face and talk to others. It is an important ritual in Chinese culture. And I think lining up is another modern ritual and the symbol of civilization. It is hard to imagine that our ancestors would do that thousand of years ago.

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