International Workshop in India Institute of Technology Gandhinagar

Public transportation systems in India are complex, in transition, and continually evolving. It faces major transportation challenges including pollution, urban congestion, and public safety. We examined and experienced only a tiny fraction of this rich ecosystem. Indeed, mobility as it is understood  - how people get from one place to another - is a public good that every country must tackle. It is dependent on many factors. There is no one perfect solution.


UX design, UI design, Researcher

Survey, Sketching, Wireframe, Visual Design

Group members
Jennifer, Siyu, Min, Sky, Yixun

Field survey

Our research, based on speaking with a small group of native commuters from all over India, revealed that many of the major cities appear to have transit systems that are clear front winners in terms of efficiency and usage. Here in Ahmedabad, it is the BRTS; in Delhi it is the Metro; in Mumbai, it is the local trains.  


This leads us to believe that future transportation design in India must take into account the local geography and systems native to each particular region. Indeed, the needs of transporting people in India are diverse - the elderly, children, blind, disabled. While a unified system across the country may not be possible, designing systems that are highly localized may offer alleviation and progress toward a more mobile future.


Nandana      48 years old      housewife
Kapil      21 years old      student

I take BRTS and AMTS bus twice a week to visit my daughter and my grandson. I use cash to buy paper tickets every time. It will be convenient to have a card to take bus in different systems.

I take BRTS bus everyday because I can't afford a motorbike. Sometimes, I use online payments app Paytm to buy train tickets to another city. But it is not available to buy bus tickets online.

Our design

A smart card for bus commuters so that they can purchase their tickets easily. Passengers without smartphones can purchase a physical card that is refillable and reusable. Those with smartphones have the additional option of using a mobile app to find the best route to their destination and pay electronically.

Current situation
  • 3 independent public transportation systems

  • paper tickets / transportation card

  • buy tickets / cards at station

In the future

  • make connections of different systems

  • digital card / transportation card

  • buy and refill your card online / at station 

APP & Digital card
  • for users who have cellphone

  • buy cards online

  • scan the QR code in APP with code scanner

  • find the route / nearby station

The improvement of existing scanner
  • add the instructions to tell users how to scan their QR code

  • redesign the structure to improve the speed of scanning

Physical card
  • for users who don't use cellphone

  • buy and refill cards at any stations

  • recycle physical card instead of disposable paper tickets

APP & Digital card


Route Finder
My wallet
(Registered Users)
My wallet
(New Users)
App Screen Showcase Mockup Psd.jpg

Transportation card & Code scanner