Rockrose is known as a neighborhood pioneer and is respected as one of New York's premier luxury real estate owner-manager-developers with an extensive portfolio of residential, commercial and retail properties. In this project, I collaborate with the visual designer and the web developer to redesign the Rockrose website including desktop and mobile platform. My job is to optimize the user experience for the new website.


UX design, UI design


Brainstorm, Wireframe, Analysis for competitive products

Rockrose; IF STUDIO


Rockrose is one of New York's premier luxury real estate owner-manager-developers. In order to create a greater sense of brand unity across its business, the company is looking for a new style for the visual language including logo, VI system, and website. The following is a screenshot of the old Rockrose website.

NEW visual style


To meet the needs of our client, most of the original structure of the Rockrose website will be kept. However, the layouts for several main pages are redesigned to improve its usability. For example, all the research results are displayed in a more organized way for the users to find their ideal apartments. 



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